Mrs. Sunitha’s Montessori story started with the hunt for Infancy Education for her own baby, back in 1998, when she came across the book “The Absorbent Mind” by Maria Montessori. Intrigued by the insights provided into the mind of a child, a group of her friends and she began searching for training in the Montessori Method. Although difficult to find a legitimate source back in the day, they finally found a chapter of the Indian Montessori Centre in Malleswaram, and began their training there.

Armed with a master’s degree in sociology and a three year stint in mainstream education, she got trained under Mrs Meenakshi Shivaramakrishnan – an ardent promoter of the Montessori Method in India with more than four decades of experience. She also underwent elementary training from the Indian Institute for Montessori Studies while still at work in a Montessori school. directors
Mrs. Sunitha’s passion for education shines through her eighteen years of dedicated experience in the field. Her vision is to endow children with well-rounded and complete academic support in the formative years, while allowing them to recognize their own potential and talent.
A great role model to her faculty, Mrs. Sunitha is also very experienced in being a great mom, making her a highly relatable person for parents to talk to!

Mr. Giridhar M P
A Businessman by profession equipped with a Bachelor in Commerce. He is a man on whose philosophy and belief AIM Montessori abides, exhibiting a combination of inner harmony, concern for others and a deep connection to a higher order. Mr. Giridhar is a pillar of enthusiastic, strength and support at AIM Montessori in providing children an enlightened learning environment.