The child learns to do basic day to day activities such as pouring a glass of water or tying a shoelace. This helps the child feel more independent and capable of completing simple activities without relying on adults.

Reading and conversation are a significant aspect of the Montessori system. The natural progression of written expression and reading is encouraged by enforcing the link between sound and symbol – children effortlessly identify the sound while tracing sandpaper letters with their fingers.

Geography, botany, zoology, art, and music are presented as extensions of language learning activities, and are integrated into the child’s environment. Children learn about people and cultures from all over the world with an attitude of respect and admiration.

Arithmetic deals with expressions such as shapes, space, numbers (1-10) and their relationship and progresses towards larger quantities and abstract. The materials are so beautifully designed and appropriate for each child during his/her sensitive periods of learning math. Mathematical apparatus provides the necessary stimulation for the child to learn math concepts and, the math operations addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, truly understand what each one means in their deeper sense.

Each of the five senses is refined individually. The differences between colours, textures, pitch, etc are stressed upon, encouraging appreciation for these senses in the children.